The Canwest Trigger - Hunting Model

Should you be excited by the Can West trigger?  Yes!  It's a single stage, adjustable type that works independently of the action, because everything is housed within a single assembly.  I tested the hunting model.   Another type, designed for target shooting is available also.  I hope to be testing the target trigger in the future.

The original trigger for the No 1 and most No 4s hinges on the trigger guard, pivoting around a trigger axis pin.  It relies on two ribs on the upper part of the trigger stem itelf, to create the first and second stage pull.  Each stage occurs as mechanical pressure exerted on the sear at different times.   While there is nothing wrong with the design itself, the parts are spread out and depend on the trigger guard, stock and internal bushing for proper functioning.  Adequate for military use, but not condusive to top notch accuracy.

Over the years, mechanical problems have arisen.  They include side to side play of the trigger, usually caused by a worn or elongated axis pin hole.  Fore stock warpage, which can shift the way the trigger guard sits.  Metal wear on the ribs and sear.  Lost or removed front trigger guard screw bushings.  In some cases, the ribs or sear have been deliberately altered by previous owners.  In all cases, trigger performance degrades.  In the trade, this is referred to as a loss of parallelism.

People that have had trigger problems often pull their hair out in frustration.  Since the trigger interacts in so many areas, getting things back to spec can be difficult.  It can take a long time to repair deficiencies, if at all.  There are many Lee Enfields sitting in closets all over the world because of this.

There is a solution for many shooters - the Can West trigger.  It is a modular unit that does not depend on the forestock,  trigger guard or a bushing to function properly.  It is a single stage design, adjustable for pull.  A modern update that both target shooters and hunters will find amazing.  No more sloppy or creepy pull.  Letoff is crisp and repeatable.  Accuracy is improved.


                                 10 shot 1.2 inch group                                 No 4 Epps T with a 10 power Bushnell Elite Scope - Can West Trigger

The above picture is a 10 shot group fired from my No 4 rifle, reamed to 303 Epps and fitted with a 10 power scope.  7 of the 10 shots are within a 1 inch square on a target placed at 100 yds.   The Can West has improved the rifle's performance and it's easier to shoot repeatable groups.  Not bad for a Lee Enfield, eh?  Had this been a traditional 3 or 5 shot group, it would group around 3/4 of an inch.  In fairness, the reduced size would be attributable to having a scoped rifle and a superior trigger, shot from a rest.   Still, few unworked Lee Enfields can print groups that small.

The trigger should be installed by a gunsmith and instructions come with each unit.  They have the proper facilities and can properly test it after it's in.  It may involve slight alterations, so if you have a collectible rifle, best to leave it alone.  For a look at the installation instructions, go here.  Installation Instructions.

http://www.lee-enfieldrifles.com/ is the home of these triggers.  They have some other products coming soon.  Hopefully, I'll have some updates for you soon.  Stay tuned.

US and International orders are no problem at all.    Canadians, George or John can install the trigger for you if you want.  It's a simple matter of contacting them for details.

If you live in western Canada, you can order from John Rempel at JRs Custom Gunsmithing in BC.  He doesn't have a website, but you can phone, email or even write.

JRs Custom Gunsmithing             (250)786-5029
Box 29                                            jrs-guns@pris.ca
Tom's Lake, BC
D0C 2L0