Adjustable Trigger for the


installation instructions

1. Before starting any work on the rifle, ensure that it is unloaded and the magazine and bolt have been removed.

2. The following pieces should be removed to provide easy access to the trigger group.

3. With the stock and metal fasteners removed, the trigger group will be exposed. Slide out and remove the sear spring (8). Remove the sear (6) by driving out the sear pin. Retain the sear pin for use later with the new trigger.
4. The new trigger will fit into the empty area between the magazine catch arm and the butt housing. (See Fig. A)
Fig. A
Fig. B.
5. Remove the catch arm and turn the action upside down and examine the sear-well opening to ensure it is deep enough to accomodate the new trigger. It may also be necessary to enlarge the sear opening so that the sear of the new trigger can freely enter the receiver. Be sure to clean up the bottom of the receiver and the front of the butt-socket so that the new trigger will seat squarely! Drive the trigger into place between the sear/catch arm tabs. Do not worry about the tabs breaking off! The new trigger must fit tightly! Do not alter the trigger housing.

6. After the trigger has been driven into position, you must alter the cocking piece. Remove only the sharp edge from the cocking piece (you want to make the edge dull or rounded). Be careful not to remove too much!. You can now adjust the trigger. If the rifle is cocked and the safety pulled back, the sear must lift away from the trigger. If not, the cocking piece must be adjusted.

7. As a final step, pin the trigger into position. Using a 3.6mm drill bit, drill a hole in the trigger housing. Remember the original sear pin is 3.7mm. Turn the action from one side to the other to drill out the hole. (Half from each side works best.) If the holes do not completely line up, this is not a problem. The sear pin must be a crush fit!

8. Install the magazine spring by inserting it between the trigger spring cavity and magazine catch arm. (See Fig. B)


• If you are using the existing military stock, it will be necessary to remove the securing pin from the fore-end reinforcing strap on some models and replace the pin. (rivets or another option will work)

• The trigger guard may require final fitting.

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