Barrel Program

When you purchase a Walther barrel from us you will be absolutely thrilled with the overall quality and high level of accuracy! Internal dimensions are held to very high, modern tolerances. External dimensions are an exact duplicate of existig military specifications. We are constantly amazed by the small group reports we receive from customers.

We want to keep our price as low as possible. In order to maintain our price, we must purchase barrels in large lots. We do not inventory any barrels; all the barrels are sold before our purchase order is placed with Lothar Walther.

The system works like this; if you want to purchase a barrel - contact us! We will keep your e-mail and phone number on file. When the required quantity is reached, we will contact you and ask for a deposit. The order will then be placed. You will be notified when your barrel arrives. When we have the shipment in-house, we will ask you for the final payment. We will ship the barrel upon receipt of the final payment.