A New Scope Mount

You talked...we listened!!!

Many of you told us you prefer a more rigid style of mount. I understand! Hopefully we have delivered with this one! (Personally, I hate the mutilation that occurs when the stripper clip bridge is drilled and tapped!)

Please let me know what you think! Two styles will eventually be available, one with the scope mounted ahead of the bridge and one with the mount as pictured.

Personally, my choice would still be the Parker-Hale system. I just got over-ruled by popular demand!! LOL, LOL and more LOL.

scope1 scope2
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Please let us know what you think! Are products are based on customer feed-back!!!!! Contact us: Email here.


The Parker-Hale BA 20/21 Scope Base is reborn with a new Twist!!!!!!

This mounting system  will take you back to the days of the Parker-Hale “Supreme” and the  police style  “Enforcer”.  The Parker-Hale BA20/21 system was designed to allow simple and easy mounting of a scope on a #4 Lee-Enfield rifle. 

This proprietary system had a couple of drawbacks.  First, the steel base was heavy and given the Lee’s weight, made for a heavy rifle.  Second, the system  attached only through the rear base.  The front mount simply clamped to the base with no cross bolt to hold the scope tube.  All the force was carried by the back mount.

Given the 303 caliber, and the steel scope tubes of the day, this system worked.   With modern aluminum scope tubes and different calibers like the .45-70 being used, a better mount is needed!

We hope this mount will be the answer!  It is produced from 7075, aircraft-grade modern aluminum alloy.  It is an exact copy of the old Parker –Hale mount less the attachment hole!  In fact this prototype is not even anodized and does not have any attaching holes at all!.  We feel the best alternative is to use the weaver style bases and rings.  It is a simple job to drill and tap a couple of holes and then attach a milled base.  We are waiting for feed back from you our customers before we go any further.

existing back existing front new back new front
Parker-Hale BA21 Base   New Proposed CanWest Base  

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