Important FAQs

1. Our standard trigger fits the #4 MK1 or the #4MK2 action. It will also fit in the jungle carbine. In a #4MK2 application the hinge bracket on the butt socket must be removed before the trigger is installed.

2. Our Ishapore trigger will fit all #1 actions. The butt socket angle of the #1 and the Ishapore rifle is the same.

3. In our experience, with one of the Canwest triggers installed, the cross-bolt on the forestock will not be required. The trigger body on the Canwest triggers acts as a brace on the action. It helps to prevent flex between the receiver and the butt-socket which is the primary cause of forestock breakage! As an added bonus it will also help with accuracy!!!!

New Target Model also available!


Western Canada:

JR's Custom Gun Smithing,
Box 29, Tom's Lake, BC V0C 2L0

Eastern Canada:

Ellwood Epps
RR #3, Hwy #11 N., Orillia, Ont., L3V 6H3 www.ellwoodepps.com


Dow Arms Room
9250 U.S. Highway 301
Dade City, FL 33523
352 567-9800
hours 08:00 to 18:00, Wednesday through Saturday

Installation instructions