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Lee-Enfield Rifles

The days of the Lee-Enfield as a battle rifle are over. This site is devoted to the preservation of the Lee-Enfield as a useful and practical hunting or sporting rifle. To that end, we are researching products which will allow you to rebuild your rifle into the ultimate black powder, hunting or guide gun.

The same features which saw the Lee survive two world wars and production figures exceed 15 million are just as useful today in a sporting rifle. We believe the Lee makes the perfect rimmed cartridge platform. To that end, we are constantly on the search for products which will improve the performance of the Lee for these purposes. This site is an on going effort. Please excuse any errors or dead links. They will be repaired over time.

If you have comments or suggestions, please email us.

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Make your Lee into a modern, accurate "MOA" rifle

Step 1. Fix that trigger! Improve your Lee-Enfield with a modern, Canwest Aftermarket or Replacement Trigger. Two models are available.

Step 2. Get rid of that "sewer-pipe" barrel.

Step 3. Put on a decent stock.

You can rebuild you rifle to a host of calibers. 45-90s, 45-70s, 444 Marlins, virtually any rimmed cartridge is possible.

Ask us about our new "action-brace" scope mount which will improve action rigidity, help with accuracy and maintain head-space.


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